Important Notes for Presenters at the 2020 Palm Beach Technology Conference


Marzano Observation and Evaluation System Guidelines:

It is important that your session does not directly instruct on, or include any materials directly related to the Marzano Observation and Evaluation System.

The following was provided by the Department of Professional Development, and we are bound to oblige their requests to remove or alter sessions that purport to instruct the teachers on the Marzano Observation and Evaluation System and we are not able to include sessions that directly address the Frameworks or use Dr. Marzano’s namesake or likeness:

“The Marzano Observation and Evaluation System was selected by a committee comprised of teachers, CTA representatives, assistant principals, principals, and district staff to be used in the School District of Palm Beach County. This system has been adapted by the committee through carefully made decisions in order to meet the needs of the School District. Any and all presentations that are made regarding the system need to be reviewed with the same considerations and thus receive prior approval by the Department of Professional Development. Please note that we ask this of all presenters to avoid any legal ramifications. Please make sure to take this into consideration when preparing your presentation for the Technology Conference. For more information or assistance, please contact the Department of Professional Development.

Student Ambassador Guidelines:

SDPBC students are eligible to participate as “teacher sponsored co-presenters”. Student participation should be clearly indicated in your session description. Transportation of students to and from Santaluces HS is the responsibility of the student’s family.

Students must be supervised by the primary presenter the entire time that the student is on the Santaluces HS Campus.

Student participation will be possible as a Principal Approved Field Trip. Sponsoring teachers should submit the Field Trip Form (PBSD 1894) to their Principals for approval (PBSD 0755)and Release and Consent for Student Information Publication (PBSD 1941) forms must be received by Friday, December 20, via fax or PONY. Please send forms to Jonathan Decker and include a cover sheet that includes the primary presenter’s school and name, as well as the name of your breakout session.

Photography AND Videography:

Still photographs and video clips will be taken at the SDPBC 2020 Technology Conference. Presenters and co-presenters may appear in some of these images or their voices recorded. The photos and/or video will be used to document and promote the 2020 Conference as well as future conferences. Therefore, the images may be published in both print and/or electronic formats in publications including, but not limited to, the Conference brochure and program, the Conference slide show and video, and the Conference web site.

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