How to Help Your Students Win The 2016 Technology Conference Cover Design Competition


We all want our students to win the Conference Cover Design Competition. We felt it would be helpful to put a few pointers together to help you give your kids the best possible chances.
This year’s theme is: At the Crossroads of Innovation: Shaping the Digital Classroom.
1. Create an “event” logo:
Unlike a book cover, each technology conference has its own look and feel, and the cornerstone of a look and feel is a strong logo. Remember this logo has to be usable on the cover but it’s also got to look good on bags and signs and other event related things also. For instance, the logo from last year’s conference featured the flaming text effect you see here.
2. Use the elements we provide:
We have created a generic “technology conference” logo design for your kids to use in the body of your cover concept, and we have provided you with a district logo which needs to be on your cover too (usually on the back). These elements are available at this link.
3. Consider AESTHETICS:
Consider how everything looks on the page. Remember that design is NOT the same as art. Visual hierarchy and placement on the page are as important as creating “pretty” cover art.
4.  Look at past winners for guidance

Nothing succeeds like success, and if it’s won before, then why reinvent the wheel? View the past winners here to guide your students to the goal.

5. Consider clarity:
It’s important that your students design things which MAKE SENSE that are clear, easy to understand and have good fonts which are readable at a distance.
The theme of the event is the most important part of the contest, have your students try and come up with ideas which everyone else didn’t come up with already. The obvious ideas are usually the ones someone else already came up with.
As per the specs which are provided to you, the design has to be 300 DPI (dots per inch) and it has to be 11X17, CMYK. Like any cover, it’s folded down the middle with a margin and with bleeds.
8. Details, Details, Details!
Pay close attention to all the things that have to be on the cover, the logo, the words and so on. Make sure your students incorporate all of those elements on their cover designs.
Every year we get a ton of great submissions, but I wanted to give some guidance so that you, as a teachers, can lead your kids towards even greater success.
We know your students want to give us their best efforts, and it’s my hope that this advice will help them on their way.
~Adam Fiveson
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